Nuka Seeds

It is a brand new and totally bitchin Seedbank. 

Nuka offers both feminized strains and automatic so-called autoflowering genetics of cannabis including a special strain (model/variety) with a high content of CBD. 

Collector cannabis seeds of all their strains are characterised by above-average germination, easy cultivation and a rich yield full of cannabis resin. 

High-quality yield with high potency awaits for even average growers. And still, their seeds are not expensive and packaging is loaded with some rare gifts everyone will love. 

Cannabis seeds from Nuka Seeds are first-class, fresh and of high quality. Nuka Seeds genetics will appreciate start-up growers as well as experienced ones. Nuka Seeds seedlings and marijuana plants are suitable for almost every grow system. You can use them for indoor cultivation (growing inside), in a greenhouse or outdoor cultivation (growing in the open space). 

Cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds are a perfect gift for any cannabis lover. 

There is no surprise Nukaseeds has positive reviews on their seeds so so far.

25.00 $
In the package of Paradox you will find many surprises that every cannabis enthusiast will appreciate.  The base is a metal bomb, in which are marijuana seeds. The three-piece pack has a cool badge with the strain logo and a small sticker. The five-piece pack includes wooden tags to label the pots, a bomb and a small sticker. The ten piece pack comes in a...
25.00 $
THE TOKAMAK – Nukaseeds Tokamak Autofem is a pure fusion of the highest quality high and massive harvest. This autoflower is a variation of the Jack Herer cannabis strain, a sativa legend known the world over for its outstanding taste and unrivalled effect. From start to finish flowering, this autoflower needs only 8-9 weeks.
25.00 $
THE BANSHEE – Nuka Seeds' excellent Banshee autoflower cannabis strain is predominantly indica, with a great flavour and balanced smoke effect. The combination of Bubblegum and the American star OG Kush has created the demonically tasty Banshee. With its pungent aroma and irresistible appearance, you'll be tempted to taste the still-unripe buds. If you...
25.00 $
THE CLEOPATRA – Nuka Seeds' feminized CBD strain Cleopatra is the queen of medicinal cannabis strains. It is a great indica-dominant CBD variant with a 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD cannabinoids.
25.00 $
POLARIS – These cannabis seeds are our first photoperiodic variant of the THC potent indica strain. This beauty will captivate you with its purple tones and wonderfully sweet aroma and taste. Polaris has great yields outdoors and indoors.
25.00 $
AUTOMATON – Automaton cannabis seeds are perfect autoflowering indica strain from the purple family. Automaton's cannabis seeds are programmed to grow to a height of 130 cm and provide a yield of around 150 g outdoors, or 1 gram per watt indoors. 
25.00 $
BABAYAGA – Babayaga cannabis seeds are an autoflowering variety, orientated primarily towards yield and secondarily towards potency. This cannabis hybrid with a smaller indica predominance is capable of producing up to 150 grams per plant outdoors or 0.9 g per watt indoors due to its longer flowering phase.
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