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30.77 $
Autoflowering cannabis seed Auto Daiquiri Lime were created by crossing Californian Orange and Sour Diesel varieties. This strain offers only the best of both varieties.
Feminized marijuana seeds  The honey cream Fast Version offer an intense sweet aroma, often reminiscent of caramel, which is mixed with a sweet, sometimes earthy taste.
25.38 $
Feminized Northern Light seeds grow up to 2 m when growing outdoors. Indoor height can reach up to 1.6 m, flowers are densely covered with resin. On average, Northern Light reaches a yield of 60 g per plant.
25.38 $
Despite the fact that its origin of feminized seeds OG Kush is not completely known, nor what OG means (for some it means Original Gangster, for many others Ocean Grown)
23.63 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Skunk XL belong to the complete classic among hemp varieties, whose genetics are used by most varieties. Feminized grows to a height of up to 2 m
23.63 $
Feminized marijuana seeds White Widow need plenty of light, but are also suitable for colder climates, such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
27.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds White Widow Automatic are a hybrid of the classic Dutch strain White Widow, which has wide dark leaves that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
18.13 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Auto Blueberry produce a variety that is known for its exceptional blueberry-like taste. The plant produces beautiful purple flowers that are densely covered with resin.


18.13 $
Blueberry cannabis seeds Blueberry are known for special blueberry-like taste and aroma. The Blueberry strain produces beautiful purple flowers that are densely covered with resin.
18.13 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Auto Bubble Gum were created by crossing the sweetest varieties 00 Seeds. This variety is known for its high resin production and delicious taste of strawberries and berries.

Bubble Gum

18.13 $
Cannabis seeds Bubble Gum were bred by experts from Seedbank 00 Seeds by crossing the sweetest varieties from their offer. Bubble Gum is known for its high resin production and its delicious taste.
18.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Auto Chocolate Skunk offer a sweet aroma and fruity taste. The plant grows to a height of 1 m and is ready for harvest after 65 days.
18.13 $
Cannabis seeds Chocolate Skunk were created by breeding Critical Mass varieties. It will delight you with its sweet chocolate scent and the amount of resin that its flowers produce.
18.13 $
Auto-flowering cannabis seeds Auto Sweet Critical produce plants that have a high THC content. Its taste is fruity sweet with a long-lasting effect.
18.13 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Sweet Critical are a descendant of the Critical Mass variety. Sweet Critical has a very high THC content and grows to a height of about 2m.
18.13 $
Auto-flowering hemp seeds Auto White Widow from 00 Seeds are known for their simple cultivation, fast growth and short flowering time.

White Widow

18.13 $
Cannabis seeds White Widow produce a compact plant with huge growth and dense flowers that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
24.38 $
Autoflower cannabis Seeds Automatik Mix is a selection of different varieties of vending machines from Seed Bank 00 Seeds. Selected varieties have a sweet taste with a high content of THC and CBD.

Fuel OG

21.75 $
Feminized seeds Fuel OG by Ripper Seeds were made by crossing known strains, New York Diesel and OG Badazz. This Diesel strain is suitable for those who like terpene taste and are looking for high yield and strength.

Old School

19.05 $
Old School feminized marijuana seeds from Ripper Seeds. Old School was created by crossing Original Cheese and Black Domina, which was the strongest Afghan variety of the '90s.

Sour Ripper

21.75 $
Sour Ripper is one of the most award-winning varieties of Ripper Seeds seed bank. It is a cross between Sour Diesel and Northern Lights. You will love the Sour Ripper for its sativa structure. 

Kiss Dragon

22.50 $
Cannbis seeds Kiss Dragon are the result of breeding the best variety of Nepalese sativa with the Black Domino variety. The result of this effort is a medium-tall plant.
23.75 $
Cannabis seeds  Sweet Black Angel were created by crossing the Black Domina and Super Silver Haze varieties. The result of this cross is a variety that is characterized by exceptional quality and has been awarded a number of prestigious awards.
24.93 $
Thunder Bloody Mary cannabis seeds are a cross between the White Dwarf variety, which gives them a self-flowering property, and Pure Mazar, whose main advantage is the speed of growth and maturation.
31.25 $
Black Russian marijuana seeds grow into beautiful well-branched compact plants that are full of dense flowers without unnecessary leaves.
45.00 $
The feminized variety of marijuana Cotton Candy Kush was created with the intention of generating huge yields without sacrificing other good genetic traits.
33.75 $
Critical Jack Herer marijuana seeds are characterized by fast growth, high yields, excellent resistance to pests and fungi.
The Autoflower cannabis variety Critical Neville Haze Auto is 90% sativa, which is characterized by high resistance to fungi, high THC content and also above-average yield.

Eleven Roses

42.50 $
The exceptional cannabis variety Eleven Roses is easy to grow, blooms quickly, is resistant to pests, fungi and, in addition, produces huge yields.
The feminized cannabis seeds Sugar Black Rose Early version are the result of crossing Critical Mass and Black Domina varieties. Due to its high CBD content, this cannabis variety is ideal for relaxation.

Sugar Candy

120.00 $
The Sugar Candy marijuana variety will amaze you not only with its huge THC content but also with its huge crop. Her aroma is strong, intensely sweet, for which she has been awarded in many competitions.

Green Poison

26.28 $
Green Poison is an Indica dominant hybrid with a very high yield. This feminized cannabis strain is one of the most prized strains from the Sweet Seeds.

Afghan Kush

23.13 $
Afghan Kush feminized marijuana seeds withstand low temperatures, so they are suitable for northern latitudes, and are also resistant to fungi and pests.

Afghan Kush Regular

24.95 $
Regular cannabis seeds Afghan Kush Regular form a variety that resists even well at low temperatures, so it fits perfectly in northern latitudes.
S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto is an auto-flowering strain, which was created after the breeding of the strongest plants of the Black Domina strain. It is one of the most award-winning strains of the Sweet Seeds seed bank. 
30.00 $
Autoflower seeds Afghan Kush Ryder produce plants with a high content of cannabinoids, which is why we highly recommend it for the production of phoenix tears and hemp extracts.
S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 was created after the breeding of the strongest plants of the Black Domina variety, which is one of the most award-winning varieties of the Sweet Seeds seed bank.

Sweet Mix Auto

40.50 $
Sweet Seeds has created this special selection of autoflower varieties from their offer at an excellent price. The package includes various varieties from Cream Mandarine Auto to the latest purple varieties developed by Sweet Seeds experts.
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