Assorted Auto Mix

39.32 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Assorted Auto Mix contains one piece of White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Deimos and Syrup in each package. 

Red Dwarf

7.73 $
Red Dwarf autoflowering was created by crossing the White Dwarf variety and the strong Skunk. The result was a perfect self-flowering variety with a pleasant aroma and tremendous effect.
48.79 $
Auto Think Big is a high-performance auto-flowering variety based on the legendary Think Different genetics, which produces an extremely large harvest.

Orange Bud

30.53 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Orange Bud form very strong and stable plants that thrive well inside and out.

Orange Bud Regular

37.11 $
Regular cannabis seeds Orange Bud form a very strong and stable plant, which thrives well outside and inside. Orange Bud can be grown in all substrates.
27.13 $
Autoflower seeds Northern Light Automatic form one of the most famous varieties of hemp. It is a variety with a majority of Indica, which was bred in the 70s in the USA. Northern Light Automatic is a great variety for growing indoors.

Quick One

17.75 $
Marijuana seeds Quick One autoflower form a fast-growing strain. Its biggest advantage is the speed of its ripening, which is already 8 weeks after the germination of the seed.
25.38 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Royal AK Automatic produce plants that produce strong, resin-dense canes that have a spicy yet still sweet taste.
17.75 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Royal Dwarf form a very compact plant, making it ideal for growing in confined spaces.
Discounted cannabis seeds

1+1 free Special Kush

11.25 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Kush have a really low price are suitable for those who have a limited budget.
12.38 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Queen is perfectly suitable for a novice who does not want to invest much in his new hobby from the beginning.
23.63 $
Feminized marijuana seeds White Widow need plenty of light, but are also suitable for colder climates, such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
27.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds White Widow Automatic are a hybrid of the classic Dutch strain White Widow, which has wide dark leaves that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
27.13 $
Royal Bluematic was created by a very successful crossing of self-flowering strains from the Blue family, classic hemp, Thai hybrids and Afghan varieties from the old school. It is an ultra-fast feminized auto flower cannabis seed.
25.38 $
Diesel Auto brings a wave of fast-growing and strong strain. It is a descendant of the exceptional Lowryder # 2 strain and the classic New York City Diesel strain. If you are looking for a strong euphoria effect, this strain is the perfect candidate.
Shining Silver Haze combines the best properties of Haze varieties into one fast-flowering and profitable package. This is the pinnacle of the Haze sativa variety! Really high-quality marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds!
Royal Cheese Fast V ultra fast feminized cannabis seeds. An excellent indica that will give you a massive yield and put you at ease at any time!
34.25 $
Hulk Berry is the strongest "head stash" in the world also available in the form of seeds! The THC content is gignatic, 28% THC! Happy trip dear friends!
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