C4 Matic

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Autoflower cannabis seeds C4-Matic were one of the first to be bred by the Fast Buds seed bank and, thanks to their long development and the quality of their parents, are among the most profitable and stable varieties on the market.
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California Snow is an indica dominant auto-flowering variety, which originated by crossing the Old School variety Hot California. It earned its name thanks to the excessive production of white resin, which makes the flowers look as if they were snowy.
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Autoflower seeds Crystal M.E.T.H belong to the first varieties bred by experts with Fast Buds. It is an exclusive Mexican hybrid, which immediately became one of the best-selling varieties of this seed bank.
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Autoflower cannabis seeds Girl Scout Cookies are a worldwide phenomenon. As one of the best California varieties of all time, it has a special place in our offer.


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Marijuana seeds LSD-25 were created after an effort to create an even better variety than the legendary LSD today. The LSD-25 from the Fast Buds seed bank, like the original variety, has exceptional strength and a very short flowering time.
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Marijuana seeds Pineapple Express offer a unique blend of pineapple aromas and flavors with a slightly spicy taste of fine brandy. The Pineapple Express effect, which is created by a high level of THC (20%), can easily be called social.

Six Shooter

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The auto-flowering Six Shooter variety is one of the largest and most profitable on the market. Six Shooter offers huge yields and unprecedented power contains up to 23% THC. It is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors.


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Tangie'matic is a revolutionary autoflower variety of the latest generation, which is characterized by huge yield and size. Its height is up to 1.5 m. Huge heavy flowers form on the plant.
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West Coast OG autoflower is a variant of the legendary OG Kush from Fast Buds seed bank. West Coast OG preserves all the original characteristics of the OG Kush variety
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Autoflower seeds Northern Light Automatic form one of the most famous varieties of hemp. It is a variety with a majority of Indica, which was bred in the 70s in the USA. Northern Light Automatic is a great variety for growing indoors.
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Feminized seeds El Alquimista are among the most recommended for beginners. Mainly due to its extreme resistance to fungi and diseases.
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The Holy Grail 69 variety was created when one of the seed bank experts Samsara Seeds embarked on his own project and started crossing Punka Lion varieties and plants with Haze genetics.

Kiss Dragon

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Cannbis seeds Kiss Dragon are the result of breeding the best variety of Nepalese sativa with the Black Domino variety. The result of this effort is a medium-tall plant.
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Thunder Bloody Mary cannabis seeds are a cross between the White Dwarf variety, which gives them a self-flowering property, and Pure Mazar, whose main advantage is the speed of growth and maturation.

Afghan Kush

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Afghan Kush feminized marijuana seeds withstand low temperatures, so they are suitable for northern latitudes, and are also resistant to fungi and pests.

Afghan Kush Regular

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Regular cannabis seeds Afghan Kush Regular form a variety that resists even well at low temperatures, so it fits perfectly in northern latitudes.
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Autoflower cannabis seeds Amnesia Ryder are a cross between the varieties Amnesia, Skunk and the variety from the rudealis strain. Amnesia Ryder grows to a height of 1.2 m, which makes it one of the highest self-maturing varieties on the market.
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Cannabis Mazar X Great White Shark is a variety that perfectly combines the excellent production of Mazar resin with the size of Great White Shark. It is also very suitable for the production of hemp extracts.
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