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How to pass drug tests? Kleaner Demostrably cleans unwanted cannabis residues on the skin, mouth and also in saliva. Kleaner eliminates and neutralizes all traces of THC and as a result, the THC test comes out negative. Try yourself.

Kleaner - Urea 30ml

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Urea Synthetic urine 30ml. Kleaner Urea is synthetic urine which serves to deceive drug tests offers you all the benefits and possibilities of external application. This synthetic urine, unlike your own urine, is absolutely free of disadvantages and dangers, such as various contaminants and residues of psychotronic substances. 

Kleaner - Cleansing wipe

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Kleaner - Cleansing wipe in a package containing 9ml of Kleaner. Cleansing wipe Kleaner mainly serves to deceive drug tests performed by skin swabs. Amazingly practical deodorant and cleansing wipe is suitable not only for your skin, but also for all surfaces, such as steering wheel, laptop, etc. Simply wipe everything you need. The effect is immediate...
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Kleaner Oral hygiene and body hygiene Classic Kleaner Spray Applicator with; content of 30 ml has been sold worldwide for more than 10 years. Demostrably cleans unwanted cannabis residues on the skin, mouth and also in saliva. The marijuana test has no chance. See for more information.
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Autoflower cannabis seeds Amnesia Ryder are a cross between the varieties Amnesia, Skunk and the variety from the rudealis strain. Amnesia Ryder grows to a height of 1.2 m, which makes it one of the highest self-maturing varieties on the market.
Regular cannabis seeds Mazar produce a legendary variety with a huge THC content of up to 19.5%. Mazar was created by improving the genetics of Afghan and Skunk in 1997.
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