Black Dream

28.06 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Black Dream were created by crossing Jamaican Dream and Black Domina. The result is a robust and especially highly productive hybrid, with resin-covered dense flowers.
36.79 $
Marijuana seeds Jamaican Dream donated to experts with seed bank Eva Seeds Jamaican Rastafarian. It is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Pink Plant

30.93 $
Marijuana seeds Pink Plant are a cross between one of the strongest sativa on the High Level market and TNT Kush. The result is a highly hardy and fast-growing plant with long sticks that are hard as stone.
6.83 $
Autoflower Auto American Pie marijuana seeds form a variety that is very easy to grow and can adapt to any environment. It is therefore suitable for beginners

American Pie

7.95 $
American Pie feminized hemp seeds are very easy to grow. Plants can adapt to any environment. They are also suitable for beginners.

Amnesia Gold

7.95 $
Feminized seeds of Amnesia Gold produce Sativa dominant plant, with a sweet and intense taste that reaches a height of about 1.6 m.
6.83 $
Autoflower seeds Auto amnesia Gold retain all the properties of the feminized variant. Auto Amnesia Gold is a Sativa diminant plant that grows to a height of 0.8 m.

Fresh Candy

20.45 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Fresh Candy produce large, branched plants on which are compact and dense canes full of resin buds.
20.45 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Auto Nefertiti form a very wide and powerful plant, unlike its feminized version. this cannabis variety is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.


23.88 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Nefertiti were created by crossing the strongest plants Black Domina and White widow. This cannabis plant is characterized by growth in height with a small number of branches.


27.33 $
Cannabis seeds Pandora do not grow very quickly after their launch in the world. The effect that Pandora affects can be compared to a Pandora's box.

Sweet Purple

23.75 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Sweet Purple are bred specifically for outdoor cultivation, they are exceptional in their resistance to pests and diseases.
45.00 $
The feminized variety of marijuana Cotton Candy Kush was created with the intention of generating huge yields without sacrificing other good genetic traits.
33.75 $
Critical Jack Herer marijuana seeds are characterized by fast growth, high yields, excellent resistance to pests and fungi.
28.83 $
Dark Devil Auto is the result of breeding one of the most prized varieties of seed bank Sweet Seeds - Big Devil XL Auto. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the best.
23.13 $
The feminized marijuana seeds of Afghan Kush X Skunk come from the crossing of the Indica Kush plant, which came from the Hindu Kush Mountains in northern Afghanistan with the legendary Skunk 1 variety.
Autoflower marijuana seeds Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant produces large dense flowers that are covered with a thick layer of resin.

Tom Kush Og

21.25 $
Feminized seeds Tom Kush OG belong to the novelties Vision Seeds. Plants of this variety are known as "heavy hitter". THC level reaches up to about 22%
30.95 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Think Different have become a favorite of home growers around the world. Thanks to their fabulous yields and exceptional effect, they quickly became one of the best-selling seeds in the world.
31.88 $
Tatanka Pure CBD is a cannabis plant that is loaded with a high content of cannabidiol! Tatanka is an indica full loaded with CBD! We guess this is a future CBD legend from RQS!
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