L. S. D.

27.50 $
Feminized cannabis seeds LSD were created by crossing a very old Skunk variety with Mazar. However, it gained the name LSD thanks to its strong hallucinogenic effect.


34.16 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Desfrán form a legendary variety known in South America where it has won many awards.

High Level

22.97 $
Feminized marijuana seeds High Level are a cross between the African variety from Lesotho and the Skunk variety. This variety excels in strong resistance to fungi and pests of all kinds.


34.40 $
Marijuana seeds LSD-25 were created after an effort to create an even better variety than the legendary LSD today. The LSD-25 from the Fast Buds seed bank, like the original variety, has exceptional strength and a very short flowering time.
Feminized marijuana seeds  The honey cream Fast Version offer an intense sweet aroma, often reminiscent of caramel, which is mixed with a sweet, sometimes earthy taste.
6.83 $
Autoflower Auto American Pie marijuana seeds form a variety that is very easy to grow and can adapt to any environment. It is therefore suitable for beginners

American Pie

7.95 $
American Pie feminized hemp seeds are very easy to grow. Plants can adapt to any environment. They are also suitable for beginners.

Fresh Candy

20.45 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Fresh Candy produce large, branched plants on which are compact and dense canes full of resin buds.
20.45 $
Autoflower hemp variety Auto Tutankhamon was created by crossing the original variety Tutankhamon. Like the original variety, this one is one of the best that the Pyramid seeds seed bank has to offer.


20.45 $
Feminized marijuana seeds Tutankhamon produce one of the best varieties that Pyramid Seeds has to offer. It is a large, strongly branched plant with many flowers.


23.75 $
Cannabis seeds Belladonna combine the effect of sativa and rapid growth. Belladonna is a very strong plant that resists climate change well, is resistant to mold and is also suitable for beginners.


38.00 $
Cannabis seeds Nebula were created in 1996. Plants of this variety grow to a height of 1 m. It produces huge flowers with a sweet scent and psychedelic effect.

L.S.D Auto

25.83 $
L.S.D Auto is one of the super strong cannabis plants with a gigantic THC content. Its cultivation is very simple and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. L.S.D Auto will send you to a completely different dimension! Farewell!
33.05 $
Blue Gelato 41 is one of the new strains with ultra strong THC content! These cannabis seeds represent the new fruits of Barney's Farm seedbank work!
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