Assorted Auto Mix

39.32 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Assorted Auto Mix contains one piece of White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Deimos and Syrup in each package. 

Red Dwarf

7.73 $
Red Dwarf autoflowering was created by crossing the White Dwarf variety and the strong Skunk. The result was a perfect self-flowering variety with a pleasant aroma and tremendous effect.
48.79 $
Auto Think Big is a high-performance auto-flowering variety based on the legendary Think Different genetics, which produces an extremely large harvest.

Orange Bud

30.53 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Orange Bud form very strong and stable plants that thrive well inside and out.

Orange Bud Regular

37.11 $
Regular cannabis seeds Orange Bud form a very strong and stable plant, which thrives well outside and inside. Orange Bud can be grown in all substrates.
27.13 $
Autoflower seeds Northern Light Automatic form one of the most famous varieties of hemp. It is a variety with a majority of Indica, which was bred in the 70s in the USA. Northern Light Automatic is a great variety for growing indoors.

Quick One

17.75 $
Marijuana seeds Quick One autoflower form a fast-growing strain. Its biggest advantage is the speed of its ripening, which is already 8 weeks after the germination of the seed.
25.38 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Royal AK Automatic produce plants that produce strong, resin-dense canes that have a spicy yet still sweet taste.
Discounted cannabis seeds

1+1 free Special Kush

11.25 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Kush have a really low price are suitable for those who have a limited budget.
12.38 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Queen is perfectly suitable for a novice who does not want to invest much in his new hobby from the beginning.
23.63 $
Feminized marijuana seeds White Widow need plenty of light, but are also suitable for colder climates, such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
27.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds White Widow Automatic are a hybrid of the classic Dutch strain White Widow, which has wide dark leaves that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
26.05 $
Auto Red Poison was created by crossing the best strains that the seed bank Sweet Seeds has to offer - the legendary Green Poison and the purple Pakistani Kush.
28.83 $
Dark Devil Auto is the result of breeding one of the most prized varieties of seed bank Sweet Seeds - Big Devil XL Auto. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the best.
S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto is an auto-flowering strain, which was created after the breeding of the strongest plants of the Black Domina strain. It is one of the most award-winning strains of the Sweet Seeds seed bank. 
S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 was created after the breeding of the strongest plants of the Black Domina variety, which is one of the most award-winning varieties of the Sweet Seeds seed bank.
27.13 $
Royal Bluematic was created by a very successful crossing of self-flowering strains from the Blue family, classic hemp, Thai hybrids and Afghan varieties from the old school. It is an ultra-fast feminized auto flower cannabis seed.
25.38 $
Diesel Auto brings a wave of fast-growing and strong strain. It is a descendant of the exceptional Lowryder # 2 strain and the classic New York City Diesel strain. If you are looking for a strong euphoria effect, this strain is the perfect candidate.
Shining Silver Haze combines the best properties of Haze varieties into one fast-flowering and profitable package. This is the pinnacle of the Haze sativa variety! Really high-quality marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds!
34.25 $
Hulk Berry is the strongest "head stash" in the world also available in the form of seeds! The THC content is gignatic, 28% THC! Happy trip dear friends!
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