Delicious Seeds

31.25 $
Black Russian marijuana seeds grow into beautiful well-branched compact plants that are full of dense flowers without unnecessary leaves.
45.00 $
The feminized variety of marijuana Cotton Candy Kush was created with the intention of generating huge yields without sacrificing other good genetic traits.
33.75 $
Critical Jack Herer marijuana seeds are characterized by fast growth, high yields, excellent resistance to pests and fungi.
The Autoflower cannabis variety Critical Neville Haze Auto is 90% sativa, which is characterized by high resistance to fungi, high THC content and also above-average yield.

Eleven Roses

42.50 $
The exceptional cannabis variety Eleven Roses is easy to grow, blooms quickly, is resistant to pests, fungi and, in addition, produces huge yields.
The feminized cannabis seeds Sugar Black Rose Early version are the result of crossing Critical Mass and Black Domina varieties. Due to its high CBD content, this cannabis variety is ideal for relaxation.

Sugar Candy

120.00 $
The Sugar Candy marijuana variety will amaze you not only with its huge THC content but also with its huge crop. Her aroma is strong, intensely sweet, for which she has been awarded in many competitions.
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