48.79 $
Auto Think Big is a high-performance auto-flowering variety based on the legendary Think Different genetics, which produces an extremely large harvest.


16.66 $
Feminized cannabis seeds AMS consist of interesting genetics, created by crossing the varieties. Swiss sativa, Swiss indica with both 40% SATIVA - 60%
21.56 $
Automatized Big Bang cannabis seeds were produced by crossing two strong genetics: Skunk X Northern Light X El Niño x Ruderalis with 10% SATIVA - 80% INDICA - 10% RUDERALIS.

Big Bang

16.66 $
Feminized Big Bang cannabis seeds were produced by crossing two powerful genetics: Skunk x Northern Light x El Niño with 30% SATIVA - 70% INDICA
23.66 $
Jack Herer Auto is a self-flowering variant of the Jack Herer variety, which was bred in honour to marijuana activist Jack Herer (1939-2010).

Jack Herer

19.95 $
Cannabis seeds Jack Herer were bred in honour to marijuana activist Jack Herer (1939-2010). These cannabis seeds are a multiple winner of the Cannabis Cup worldwide and are the top seed. It was created by crossing genetics: Haze x Red Skunk with a share of 40% SATIVA - 60% INDICA.

Moby Dick

17.82 $
Feminized Moby Dick cannabis seeds are made by legendary genetics: Haze x White Widow with 40% SATIVA - 60% INDICA. This medical cannabis is known for its great yield. This hybrid causes a very intense effect of sativa.
23.93 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Sweet Mango make up varied genetics: Mango x Big Bang auto with a share of: 10% SATIVA - 80% INDICA - 10% RUDERALIS. The major cannabinoids are: THC: 15.43% CBD: 0.09% CBN: 0.22%. 
Sweet Seeds has created this special selection of autoflower varieties from their offer at an excellent price. The package includes various varieties from Cream Mandarine Auto to the latest purple varieties developed by Sweet Seeds experts.

Power Plant

25.78 $
The Power Plant cannabis seed genetics from the Dutch Passion seed bank became a bestseller in 1997. It is an exceptionally dominant Sativa with roots from South Africa, which has a decent share of 15% THC, which can wave with you.

Jock Horror

31.25 $
Jock Horror cannabis seeds create a plant that is very resistant to colder environments. It is also suitable for society and for realization in solitude.
31.25 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Jock Horror Auto form a medium-sized amazing hybrid plant that will bring you a state of deep relaxation and your own world.

Wonder Woman

31.25 $
Wonder Woman feminized cannabis seeds bring a quality and reliable hybrid of smaller stature, with fast flowering and high resistance to cold and humid weather.
37.50 $
Original Glue feminized cannabis seeds are a multiple winner of the High Times Cup. They are also suitable for beginners and they do well inside and out.
30.95 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Think Different have become a favorite of home growers around the world. Thanks to their fabulous yields and exceptional effect, they quickly became one of the best-selling seeds in the world.
31.88 $
Tatanka Pure CBD is a cannabis plant that is loaded with a high content of cannabidiol! Tatanka is an indica full loaded with CBD! We guess this is a future CBD legend from RQS!
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