9.82 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Pulsar are characterized by high yields of up to 700g per plant when grown outdoors.


8.42 $
Vesta autoflowering seeds are characterized by great power, which can be compared with feminized varieties. At Vest, it is more than 20% THC.
25.16 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Auto Brooklyn Sunrise are characterized by an excellent strong spicy taste and a strong euphoric effect.
48.79 $
Auto Think Big is a high-performance auto-flowering variety based on the legendary Think Different genetics, which produces an extremely large harvest.
42.98 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Durban Poisons create a classic outdoor as well as indoor strain that is durable enough to survive in extreme north / south latitudes.

Durban Poison Regular

40.64 $
Regular cannabis seeds Durban Poison create a classic outdoor as well as indoor strain that is durable enough to survive in extreme northern / southern latitudes.

TNT Kush

41.34 $
Feminized cannabis seeds TNT Kush come from the Pakistani mountains, This variety forms very compact hair densely sown sticks. The plant excels in above-average resin production and is therefore suitable for the production of extracts.


41.60 $
Marijuana seeds Blackberry you except unusual black offers a particularly pleasant taste reminiscent of fresh forest fruit. It is a variety that is easy to grow and has a huge potential of up to 23% THC
49.32 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Girl Scout Cookies are a worldwide phenomenon. As one of the best California varieties of all time, it has a special place in our offer.

The Church

17.59 $
Feminized Cannabis Seeds The Church have genetics: Swiss Sativa x Super Skunk x Northern Lights with 40% SATIVA - 60% INDICA. The main cannabinoid content is: THC: 20.28% CBD: 0.16% CBN: 0.16%. 
27.13 $
Autoflower seeds Northern Light Automatic form one of the most famous varieties of hemp. It is a variety with a majority of Indica, which was bred in the 70s in the USA. Northern Light Automatic is a great variety for growing indoors.
23.63 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Skunk XL belong to the complete classic among hemp varieties, whose genetics are used by most varieties. Feminized grows to a height of up to 2 m
Discounted cannabis seeds

1+1 free Special Kush

11.25 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Kush have a really low price are suitable for those who have a limited budget.
27.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds White Widow Automatic are a hybrid of the classic Dutch strain White Widow, which has wide dark leaves that are covered with a thick layer of resin.


7.95 $
Marijuana seeds Anesthesia have all the characteristic properties that indica should have - fast ripening time and high yield.
6.83 $
Auto-flowering cannabis seeds Auto Anesthesia form a medium-sized, densely branched plant on which there are many flowers full of resin.

Auto Anubis

17.05 $
Auto-flowering cannabis seeds Auto Anubis were created by another crossing of the original Anubis variety. It is an indicator of bright green color, which grows to a height of 0.7 m.
17.05 $
Autoflower seeds Auto Blue pyramid produce beautiful blue plants with a compact structure. Its aroma and taste are also exceptional, although not as intense as the feminized variant.

Blue Pyramid

20.45 $
Feminized hemp seeds Blue Pyramid create a beautiful blue plant with a compact structure. It produces huge sticks that are covered with buds.
17.05 $
Cannabis seeds Auto Kryptonite retain all the advantages of the original variety, but they are more resistant to climate change and thrive in all types of substrates.
17.05 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Auto Super OG Kush, retain all the benefits of original genetics. the result of further breeding is a variety with energetic growth and dark green leaves.
20.45 $
Super OG Kush comes from crossing the varieties Hindu Kush and OG Kush. The result is a variety with vigorous growth and dark green leaves. Super OG Kush is a nicely branched and dense plant with large and wide leaves. .

Auto Wembley

20.45 $
The self-rippening cannabis variety Auto Wembley is easy to grow and can be easily adapted to any environment, so it is ideal for beginners.


23.88 $
Cannabis seeds Wembley were created by crossing AK47 and Blubble Kush. The result is a variety with an intense and unique taste, which ranks among the most delicious that Pyramid Seeds has to offer.
17.05 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Auto White Widow form plants that, thanks to their simple growing and unpretentiousness, are suitable for everyone.

White Widow

20.45 $
Cannabis seeds White Widow produce a variety that is suitable for everyone due to its simple cultivation and unpretentiousness. White widow will never go out of style.


23.75 $
Cannabis seeds Belladonna combine the effect of sativa and rapid growth. Belladonna is a very strong plant that resists climate change well, is resistant to mold and is also suitable for beginners.


38.00 $
Cannabis seeds Nebula were created in 1996. Plants of this variety grow to a height of 1 m. It produces huge flowers with a sweet scent and psychedelic effect.

Sensi Star

45.15 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Sensi Star are among the best and strongest indica available on the market. It is a large branched plant whose flowers are covered with a thick layer of resin.
28.75 $
Feminized seeds El Alquimista are among the most recommended for beginners. Mainly due to its extreme resistance to fungi and diseases.

Kiss Dragon

22.50 $
Cannbis seeds Kiss Dragon are the result of breeding the best variety of Nepalese sativa with the Black Domino variety. The result of this effort is a medium-tall plant.
24.93 $
Thunder Bloody Mary cannabis seeds are a cross between the White Dwarf variety, which gives them a self-flowering property, and Pure Mazar, whose main advantage is the speed of growth and maturation.

Eleven Roses

42.50 $
The exceptional cannabis variety Eleven Roses is easy to grow, blooms quickly, is resistant to pests, fungi and, in addition, produces huge yields.
30.00 $
Autoflower seeds Afghan Kush Ryder produce plants with a high content of cannabinoids, which is why we highly recommend it for the production of phoenix tears and hemp extracts.
23.13 $
The feminized marijuana seeds of Afghan Kush X Skunk come from the crossing of the Indica Kush plant, which came from the Hindu Kush Mountains in northern Afghanistan with the legendary Skunk 1 variety.
Autoflower marijuana seeds Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant produces large dense flowers that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
20.63 $
Dance World by Royal Queen Seeds is one of the strongest CBD strains. Dance World feminized cannabis seeds have a high proportion of CBD and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth.
17.05 $
Auto-flowering cannabis seeds Auto Fresh Candy produce a variety of cannabis that is intended primarily for outdoor cultivation. It is a beautiful and strongly branched plant.
27.13 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Euphoria are known for their high CBD content, this medical cannabis is a common choice for people suffering from Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis.
25.83 $
Glue Gelato Auto sweet taste full of chocolate with extra high THC will surprise you with its strength and intense taste! Super cannabis seeds from Barney's farm!
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