The size of the crop is usually stated by the producer per area per square meter, it is also stated per plant.


Assorted Auto Mix

39.32 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Assorted Auto Mix contains one piece of White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Deimos and Syrup in each package. 


9.82 $
Deimos autoflowering marijuana seeds are sprinkled with a huge number of compact flowers, which hide a tremendous strength of up to 22% THC.


9.82 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Pulsar are characterized by high yields of up to 700g per plant when grown outdoors.

Purple Kush

8.42 $
Purple Kush autoflowering marijuana seeds form a highly resistant strain from Buddha Seeds, which is characterized by its purple color.

Red Dwarf

7.73 $
Red Dwarf autoflowering was created by crossing the White Dwarf variety and the strong Skunk. The result was a perfect self-flowering variety with a pleasant aroma and tremendous effect.


8.42 $
Syrup automatic cannabis seeds form a hybrid plant that was made by crossing the sweetest varieties of indica, which makes it excellently sweet and tasty, reminiscent of ginger and currant.


8.42 $
Vesta autoflowering seeds are characterized by great power, which can be compared with feminized varieties. At Vest, it is more than 20% THC.

White Dwarf

8.42 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds White Dwarf form a very fast variety. It is enough for 60 days after germination to mature.
28.29 $
Auto Cinderella Jack is one of the strongest autoflowering seed varieties of Dutch Passion bank. Maternal genetics was selected solely according to the amount of THC.
42.71 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Auto Orange Bud are the product of Dutch Passion's largest seed breeding program to date.
41.26 $
Auto Ultimate cannabis seeds are an autoflowering version of the very successful variety The Ultimate, which offers decent yields with a top effect.
29.50 $
Feminized marijuana seeds  Fat Banana are the result of a project on intensive variety selection and breeding. The aim of this project was to create a strain that is not so easy to see. Fat Banana is bred from OG Kush and Chiquita Banana.
25.38 $
Feminized Northern Light seeds grow up to 2 m when growing outdoors. Indoor height can reach up to 1.6 m, flowers are densely covered with resin. On average, Northern Light reaches a yield of 60 g per plant.

Quick One

17.75 $
Marijuana seeds Quick One autoflower form a fast-growing strain. Its biggest advantage is the speed of its ripening, which is already 8 weeks after the germination of the seed.
25.38 $
Autoflower marijuana seeds Royal AK Automatic produce plants that produce strong, resin-dense canes that have a spicy yet still sweet taste.
Discounted cannabis seeds

1+1 free Special Kush

11.25 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Special Kush have a really low price are suitable for those who have a limited budget.
23.63 $
Feminized marijuana seeds White Widow need plenty of light, but are also suitable for colder climates, such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
27.13 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds White Widow Automatic are a hybrid of the classic Dutch strain White Widow, which has wide dark leaves that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
17.05 $
Cannabis seeds Auto Kryptonite retain all the advantages of the original variety, but they are more resistant to climate change and thrive in all types of substrates.
20.65 $
Autoflower hemp seeds Hindu Kush Automatic form a dominant plant that is easy to grow either indoors or outdoors. The plant blooms quickly and offers a classic hasish taste.

Skunk 1

21.23 $
Cannabis seeds Skunk 1 form a variety that has changed the entire cannabis culture and has found many fans in its 25-year history. Skunk plants are easy to grow and are therefore ideal for beginners.
23.13 $
The autoflower cannabis seeds Shot Adrenaline Auto are the result of many years of work by experts from the Samed Bank Samsara Seeds, which was created by crossing the White Dwarf and Skunk varieties, from which it acquired only the best properties.
26.05 $
Auto Red Poison was created by crossing the best strains that the seed bank Sweet Seeds has to offer - the legendary Green Poison and the purple Pakistani Kush.
40.63 $
Solomatic CBD is a self-flowering cannabis strain, which offers not only excellent taste but also exceptional therapeutic properties. Solomatic CBD contains up to 21% CBD and is one of the strongest CBD varieties of marijuana!
8.42 $
Budha Medikit CBD Auto is an autoflower version of the successful Budha Medikit CBD variety. Like its feminized variant, it is characterized by a high CBD content of up to 20% CBD.
25.78 $
Auto Power Plant - genetics of auto-flowering cannabis seeds Power plant from the Dutch Passion Seed Bank, which became a bestseller in 1997, right after many tasted it for the first time in a Dutch cafe. 
20.63 $
Dance World by Royal Queen Seeds is one of the strongest CBD strains. Dance World feminized cannabis seeds have a high proportion of CBD and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth.
29.50 $
Medical Mass is a low THC hybrid that grows well outdoors and indoors. Thanks to its low THC content, it is the right choice for those who are looking for therapeutic effects and pain relief without affecting their perception.
17.05 $
Auto-flowering cannabis seeds Auto Fresh Candy produce a variety of cannabis that is intended primarily for outdoor cultivation. It is a beautiful and strongly branched plant.
27.13 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Euphoria are known for their high CBD content, this medical cannabis is a common choice for people suffering from Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis.
25.83 $
Glue Gelato Auto sweet taste full of chocolate with extra high THC will surprise you with its strength and intense taste! Super cannabis seeds from Barney's farm!

L.S.D Auto

25.83 $
L.S.D Auto is one of the super strong cannabis plants with a gigantic THC content. Its cultivation is very simple and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. L.S.D Auto will send you to a completely different dimension! Farewell!
33.05 $
Dr. Grinspoon is the best oldschool sativa from Barney's Farm! With a THC content of almost 20%, this sativa will give you an incredible effect with a beautiful taste of honey and pineapple!
The marijuana seeds of the Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto are the fourth generation of this auto-flower strain. They were created by crossing a clone of Amnesia Haze and S.A.D Sweet Delicious Auto strain!
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