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Big Bud

40.03 $
Big Bud cannabis seeds have become known especially for their huge yield. The plant produces large sticks with large and compact flowers.
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Early Skunk

14.27 $ 25.95 $
Cannabis seeds Early Skunk combine the potential and energy of Skunk # 1 with the durability of the typically outdoor Early Pearl variety. These seeds are best suited for outdoor cultivation.
20.65 $
Autoflower hemp seeds Hindu Kush Automatic form a dominant plant that is easy to grow either indoors or outdoors. The plant blooms quickly and offers a classic hasish taste.

Shiva Skunk

33.03 $
Cannabis seeds Shiva Skunk produce one of the strongest varieties available on the market. During flowering, the flowers gain visible volume, strength and are covered with a thick layer of resin.

Skunk 1

21.23 $
Cannabis seeds Skunk 1 form a variety that has changed the entire cannabis culture and has found many fans in its 25-year history. Skunk plants are easy to grow and are therefore ideal for beginners.
22.40 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Skunk 1 Automatic offer in one package everything a grower could want. It offers high yield and easy cultivation.

Super Skunk

24.78 $
Cannabis seeds Super Skunk form a legendary variety that is very resistant to climate change, easy to grow and therefore suitable for beginners.
25.95 $
Cannabis autoflower seeds Super Skunk Automatic is the third successful generation of the legendary variety that retains all the originally appreciated properties.
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