Burnout syndrome

27.50 $
Feminizided cannabis seeds Amnesia Lemon is a crossbred between Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. The result is a variety, which exceptionally combines their taste, strength and toughness.


10.06 $
Quasar feminized marijuana seeds were created by crossing the best Indica and Sativa. It combines the best of both varieties.

Gipsy Haze

31.63 $
Feminized marijuana seeds Gipsy Haze's come from a cross between Jack Herer, Black Domina and Space Bomb. The result is a highly yielding, fast-growing, well-distributed plant
49.09 $
Autoflower seeds Gorilla Glue Auto form an extremely strong hybrid variety, which is literally strewn with flowers heavily covered with resin with a wonderfully pine scent.

Magic Bud

23.75 $
From the cannabis seeds of Magic Bud you will grow shrubby plants with large and dense flowers that are flooded with resin. Magic Bud is characterized by resistance to fungi and pests.

Fuel OG

21.75 $
Feminized seeds Fuel OG by Ripper Seeds were made by crossing known strains, New York Diesel and OG Badazz. This Diesel strain is suitable for those who like terpene taste and are looking for high yield and strength.


27.33 $
Cannabis seeds Pandora do not grow very quickly after their launch in the world. The effect that Pandora affects can be compared to a Pandora's box.

Sweet Purple

23.75 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Sweet Purple are bred specifically for outdoor cultivation, they are exceptional in their resistance to pests and diseases.
33.75 $
Critical Jack Herer marijuana seeds are characterized by fast growth, high yields, excellent resistance to pests and fungi.
The Autoflower cannabis variety Critical Neville Haze Auto is 90% sativa, which is characterized by high resistance to fungi, high THC content and also above-average yield.

Black Jack

28.03 $
Black Jack is a hybrid of the Black Dominatrix with the extreme plant of Jack Herer. It is one of the strongest and most profitable hybrids. This strain creates long side shoots with resin-strewn sticks.

Green Poison

26.28 $
Green Poison is an Indica dominant hybrid with a very high yield. This feminized cannabis strain is one of the most prized strains from the Sweet Seeds.
23.13 $
The feminized marijuana seeds of Afghan Kush X Skunk come from the crossing of the Indica Kush plant, which came from the Hindu Kush Mountains in northern Afghanistan with the legendary Skunk 1 variety.
30.00 $
Autoflower cannabis seeds Amnesia Ryder are a cross between the varieties Amnesia, Skunk and the variety from the rudealis strain. Amnesia Ryder grows to a height of 1.2 m, which makes it one of the highest self-maturing varieties on the market.

Sweet Mix Auto

40.50 $
Sweet Seeds has created this special selection of autoflower varieties from their offer at an excellent price. The package includes various varieties from Cream Mandarine Auto to the latest purple varieties developed by Sweet Seeds experts.
Autoflower marijuana seeds Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant produces large dense flowers that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
40.63 $
Solomatic CBD is a self-flowering cannabis strain, which offers not only excellent taste but also exceptional therapeutic properties. Solomatic CBD contains up to 21% CBD and is one of the strongest CBD varieties of marijuana!
17.75 $
Strain Royal Medic is a feminized hybrid. Royal Medic is a great medicinal plant with a high CBD content, which is almost equal to the THC content. These are quality marijuana seeds.
27.13 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Euphoria are known for their high CBD content, this medical cannabis is a common choice for people suffering from Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis.
22.83 $
Sweet Cheese XL Auto cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds. This auto-flower allows you to enjoy the excellent quality of Sweet Cheese buds in just 8 weeks after the seeds germinate.

Tom Kush Og

21.25 $
Feminized seeds Tom Kush OG belong to the novelties Vision Seeds. Plants of this variety are known as "heavy hitter". THC level reaches up to about 22%
30.95 $
Autoflowering cannabis seeds Think Different have become a favorite of home growers around the world. Thanks to their fabulous yields and exceptional effect, they quickly became one of the best-selling seeds in the world.
31.88 $
Tatanka Pure CBD is a cannabis plant that is loaded with a high content of cannabidiol! Tatanka is an indica full loaded with CBD! We guess this is a future CBD legend from RQS!
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