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28.75 $
Feminized seeds El Alquimista are among the most recommended for beginners. Mainly due to its extreme resistance to fungi and diseases.
9.68 $
Cannabis seeds Green Love Potion are a cross between the world's best varieties. Green Love potion contains high levels of THC and CBD. Due to its properties, many people use it for medicinal purposes.
26.88 $
The Holy Grail 69 variety was created when one of the seed bank experts Samsara Seeds embarked on his own project and started crossing Punka Lion varieties and plants with Haze genetics.
23.13 $
The autoflower cannabis seeds Shot Adrenaline Auto are the result of many years of work by experts from the Samed Bank Samsara Seeds, which was created by crossing the White Dwarf and Skunk varieties, from which it acquired only the best properties.
23.13 $
The feminized marijuana seeds of Afghan Kush X Skunk come from the crossing of the Indica Kush plant, which came from the Hindu Kush Mountains in northern Afghanistan with the legendary Skunk 1 variety.
23.13 $
Cannabis Mazar X Great White Shark is a variety that perfectly combines the excellent production of Mazar resin with the size of Great White Shark. It is also very suitable for the production of hemp extracts.
Autoflower marijuana seeds Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant produces large dense flowers that are covered with a thick layer of resin.
40.63 $
Solomatic CBD is a self-flowering cannabis strain, which offers not only excellent taste but also exceptional therapeutic properties. Solomatic CBD contains up to 21% CBD and is one of the strongest CBD varieties of marijuana!
8.42 $
Budha Medikit CBD Auto is an autoflower version of the successful Budha Medikit CBD variety. Like its feminized variant, it is characterized by a high CBD content of up to 20% CBD.
8.75 $
The feminized cannabis variety Budha Medikit CBD is the latest variety of medical cannabis from the seed bank Budha Seeds. This special variety is characterized by a high CBD content of up to 20% CBD.
27.90 $
The feminized cannabis variety CBD Blue Shark achieves a unique ratio of the main cannabinoids THC and CBD in the ratio (1:1). Its advantages are also high resistance to cold and mold.


10.76 $
The feminized cannabis variety Morpheus is characterized by an ideally balanced content of THC and CBD (ratio 1: 1). its branched structure is covered with dense flowers covered with a thick layer of resin.
20.63 $
Dance World by Royal Queen Seeds is one of the strongest CBD strains. Dance World feminized cannabis seeds have a high proportion of CBD and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth.
29.50 $
Medical Mass is a low THC hybrid that grows well outdoors and indoors. Thanks to its low THC content, it is the right choice for those who are looking for therapeutic effects and pain relief without affecting their perception.
20.63 $
Royal Highness is another in a series of medical cannabis from RQS. This variety was created by crossing the Respect and Dancehall varieties. Royal Highness has practically the same content of THC and CBD.
17.75 $
Strain Royal Medic is a feminized hybrid. Royal Medic is a great medicinal plant with a high CBD content, which is almost equal to the THC content. These are quality marijuana seeds.
27.13 $
Feminized cannabis seeds Euphoria are known for their high CBD content, this medical cannabis is a common choice for people suffering from Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis.
31.88 $
Tatanka Pure CBD is a cannabis plant that is loaded with a high content of cannabidiol! Tatanka is an indica full loaded with CBD! We guess this is a future CBD legend from RQS!
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